Vegalab's® Pollen Boost™ Excels in Comparative Agricultural Trials

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vegalab, Inc. ("the Company"), (OTCQB: VEGL) today announced the successful trials of its Pollen Boost product and initial first orders of Pollen Boost for delivery in early February from Stanislaus Farm Supply, Buttonwillow Warehouse Company, and Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Inc.  The successful trials and initial orders for Pollen Boost are a culmination of Vegalab's focus on market leading, Earth friendly products that give farmers a significant Return on Investment.

Vegalab is pleased to see its environmentally friendly products demonstrate market leading efficacy in recent trials on some well-known farms. Some of Vegalab's clients include Baker Farms, A.J Carvalho & Sons, Carranza Farms, Bishop Farms, Brian Deltesta, Armus Farms, Kingsburg Citrus, Mininger Farms, Rock Solid Ranches, Sun Grapes, Jakov Dulcich and Sons, and Don Deboar. In our Pollen Boost trials in 2017, we partnered with premier growers, independent pest control advisors, certified crop advisers, and UC Cooperative Extension Advisors. The strong trial results on kiwis, olives, pistachios, and almonds resulted in the $1 million order from Stanislaus Farm Supply. Vegalab trials of Pollen Boost were performed in direct competition against the largest manufacturers in the industry.

Pollen Boost was trialed on a kiwi farm in Reedley, CA and increased revenue by $7,649.40 per acre. The yield per acre of kiwis increased 5% over the grower standard yield to 6.93 tons from 6.6 tons. The most significant impact was in the size of the fruit, which increased from 161 grams per piece to 178 grams. This resulted in a significantly higher price per pound of $1.79 versus $1.30. Results of the Pollen Boost trials on an olive grove in Strathmore, CA, were also successful, increasing yield per acre 47% from 3.87 tons per acre to 5.69 tons. Trials of Pollen Boost on pistachios in Bakersfield, Tulare, and Merced, CA increased yield per acre by 8.7% from 3,696 lbs. to 4,006 lbs.

Pollen Boost was trialed on multiple almond sites against leading industry materials and led in overall increased revenue on every trial location and all 6 almond varietals trialed. Vegalab, Inc. conducted these trials in Tranquility, Los Banos, and Denair, CA. Pollen Boost increased revenue per acre better than top competition in every trial, on all 6 almond varietals and all three farms. Pollen Boost increased revenue $1,848 on average, per acre, across all trials, which led all products tested. Pollen Boost was less expensive than its competitors, costing less than $50 per acre.

David Selakovic, CEO of Vegalab, Inc. stated, "We at Vegalab believe our product lines, with Pollen Boost as a great example, will provide the market in 2018 with much needed efficacy in environmentally friendly materials. We believe Pollen Boost will provide significant sales growth in 2018 as a leading product in its class. With the results of these successful trials, we have established a clear benefit for growers and a significant return on investment.  Due to the conclusive results, we believe that peaches, nectarines, cherries, avocado, melons, cucurbits, almonds, pistachios, apples, mangos, plums and a number of other crops will greatly benefit from our product.  Vegalab's strategy is to leverage the trial results and develop a multiple crop platform for Pollen Boost, which should provide a significant market impact.  We are excited Pollen Boost has proven not only effective, but has competed successfully in trials against other industry leading materials produced by the global agricultural chemical manufacturers."

About Vegalab, Inc.

Vegalab, Inc. is the exclusive distributor in North and South America of a line of all-natural, biologically derived pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty agricultural products. Vegalab's pesticides are highly effective against targeted organisms, non-toxic to beneficial organisms, and safe for the environment. Vegalab products support a healthy soil biome and are cost competitive with synthetic chemicals that do just the opposite.

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