David D. Selakovic

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Selakovic is the founder and president of Vegalab S.A. in Switzerland. He oversees the corporate direction and strategy for that company's global operations, including sales, international development, regulatory affairs, and company growth. In addition, Mr. Selakovic is involved with Selacorp, Lacrex, Performance Data, and Advisory Group. He is a director and equity owner at the aforementioned companies, where he helps drive growth by focusing on customers, innovation, and improved operational efficiency. Selacorp is a global IT business solutions company offering IT services, management and consulting services, founded 2000 in London, UK. Lacrex is a Swiss company founded 1991 in Lugano, Switzerland, and it is involved in engineering patent development and trading. Performance Data was founded 2008 in the United States and it is now growing to be a global IT multi-vendor infrastructure maintenance and support company, with a new base in Switzerland. Advisory Group is a Hong Kong company established in 2010 that advises on non-US merger and acquisition transactions. Mr. Selakovic is responsible for obtaining the distribution rights that are held by the Company and has seven years of experience with the Vegalab products and their distribution in Asia, all of which management believes are valuable to the development of the Company's business in the North and South America.

Craig S. Laughlin

President, Secretary & Director

Mr. Laughlin, President, Secretary, and director, is the founder and President of SRC Funding, LLC, a privately-owned Minnesota company engaged in business consulting services and private investment activity. He was the sole executive officer and director of the Company before the appointment of Mr. Selakovic in March 2016. Mr. Laughlin is also an officer, director and principal stockholder of Renewable Energy Acquisition Corp., a closely-held Nevada corporation, which currently files periodic reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and is seeking a business opportunity in which to participate. Mr. Laughlin has experience with companies that file reports with the SEC and corporate financing transactions, which management believes is valuable for helping the Company comply with the regulatory scheme and structure capital formation as needed in the future.